Ready Meals

Daily meals delivery to your doors, in most Sydney metropolitan suburbs.


*cream of butternut pumpkin


*fresh tomato

*potato and leek

*ham and pea

*chicken and sweet corn


*lemon chicken with salad

*french style chicken casserole with creamy potato

*cheesy meat balls

*Sweet & sour pork

*Beef stew and chips

*Traditional roast beef


*grilled fish and steamed vegetables

*grilled fish and salad

Pasta & Risotto

*spaghetti bolognese

*grilled chicken, chorizo with roasted vegetables

*veggie pasta

*Linguine arrabibata

*spaghetti zucchini andtomatoes

Special Diets

*spiced vegetables and yoghurt

*sweet potato gnocchi and pesto

*roasted pumpkin and fetta salad

*Pumpkin green curry with rice

Community Support Program: During Covid-19 pandemic, we extend our community support services (emergency food relief, meals delivery and grocery shopping) to the general public. Please contact us on (02) 8542 4506 or send us an email for assistance.